Celebration of 61st Republic day of India in Dabhsar School

On great day of Indian republic day we have organized a National Flag Salutation program and Cultural activity in our school premises.
On 26 January 2010 we have to prove ourselves towards dabhsar villagers because in Dabhsar village we had never planned or organized any curriculum activities, Indeed I’m also feelings fear. But we(my staff) had made our mind and decided to do it till the EDGE… with our hardwork and with the god blessings too…. We have started the practice from 22/1/2010 Friday and do our best. In the beginning it seems so tuff and hard that we were so worried that how will we make it happen ? But it’s our great advantage that our school children are so fruitful that can make it possible and make us FEEL GOOD. And we had found also a great support and escorting from Dabhsar village SARPANCH (Prime Minister of Village) Sri Gemarbhai Desai. He is so humble and assist us on this occasion that we and personally I want to thank to him. Finally we had completed all the practice and wait for the DESTINATION moment.
We have organized National flag salutation program and various fourteen items in our cultural program. On that day my staff member and me reached to school at half past six in school and prepared ourselves and our Participant children and started to decorate Dabhsar school. At 8’o clock Mr. Vishnubhai Patel had announced to villager and give open invitation to come and join with us and spread the peaceful message to all the people who were in the premises. So many elderly people, Ladies, Gents, Childeren, Respected persons and SARPANCH Sri Gemarbhai Desai all come there and Join in the national Celebration. Exactly at half past Eight My School principal Sri Kanjibhai Patel and Deputy Sarpanch Boghubha Zala had sung song ‘VANDE MATRAM’ then flew our ‘TIRANGA’ after we all proudly sung the ‘Zanda Uncha rahe Hamara’. After finishing that we Loudly speak NARA for our India. Then Sri Umedbhai distributes sweet to whole school children and celebrates in his own style.
Moving forward now we had our cultural program so it’s Final Destination…..
Here is song which we had organized for our program
Prayer with Action (Hey Jyotidhar stya prakasho…)
Ø Deshbhakti Song with Dance ( Hey Iswar ya Allah ye pukar sun le…)
Ø Deshbhakti Song (Bapu tamne re maran kyat hi aavyu…?)
Ø Rhymes (Where is Pointer…?)
Ø Meena Song (Chik chik kore, chik ko resa…)
Ø Mythological Play (Shravan with blind Parents…)
Ø Comedy Action Song (Aaja Saasu aaja…)
Ø Maim Play (Give the LOST PRESTIGE to Gandhi Bapu
Ø Deshbhakti Song (Aao Bacho tumhe dikhau…)
Ø Deshbhakti Song (Kashmir Bharat nu kehvay…)
Ø Kawwalli (Fashion teri badio ne bigada he…)
Ø Deshbhakti Song (Pehla ramkade ho dahya tran vandara…)
Ø English Action Song (Do the Honkey Ponkey…)
Ø Folk Dance – Garba (Tara vina shyam mane…)
Ø Various type of Pyramids
(a) Chakra pyramids
(b) Ashva pyramid
(c) Gaj pyramid
Ø Thanks to all the donor who trust and believe in us.
Ø Farewell Speech by Hemant Vaghela.

After finishing the cultural program very successfully we breathe ease and tense less. But in this whole program we have three surprise in program.
And that is that Dabhsar SARPANCH Sri Gemarbhai gave a ‘SAAL’ to our principal Sri Kanjibhai Patel for superbly supervision during the program and giving his best and another is that he gave me a MOMENTO of ‘Lord Ganesh’ for making this program possible, conducting it well and make the CHANGE. And also thanks to my Colleagues including Somabhai (ALS class tutor).
After all LAST BUT NOT LEAST was that he has announced a One day Picnic for Whole School children and Teachers.
Now…….. we are free and thank to viewer, visitor and god that they really helped us to make it Glorious and ultimately Awesome. OK then Its time to count our fund or donatives in regards with our talented children. You can’t believe it’s a history …! We had got Donatives tentatively 5260.00 rupees.

Finally I want to tell you that Trust yourself, you more know more than you think do….

Ok without making you bored i'll shoe you the snapshots of dabhsar primary school.
Kanjibhai ready with national flag

Kantibhai standing alert with children.

Villagers attending the program

Preyar with dance

Deshbhakti Song- Bapu tamne

Ek tu hi bharosa ek tu hi sahara,
he Iswar ya Allah ye Pukar sun le...

Where is thumbkin ?

Mythological Play of Shravan

Meena Song "Chik chik kore"

Miam Play of Gandhi Bapu Nimishaben describing play and Aaja Saasu comedy songs


Deshbhakti Songs (Singing only)

Folk Dance - Gujarati Gaurav Garbo.....

Tara vina shyam ekaladu lage...

Harsh Zala Perfoming his dance and Lord Krishna role.

Various type of Pyramids

Chakra pyramidAshva pyramid

Gaj pyramid

Our great Helping Hands-----Kaushikbhai, Somabhai, Gautambhai

We are are dabhsar primary school colleagues....