Very First Look of Dabhsar Primary School ! ! !

I am Hemant Vaghela Primary teacher working in small primary school located in interior deep village of Ahmedabad District. Me and my staff members are working all together doing experiment, research and following innovative thoughts to educate students, village and of course to each other.

Please go through the work we are doing in our school and let me have your valuable suggestion, feedback and innovative ideas for classroom teaching. Your reply will support me to built our nation...

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My School at glance

The Classrooms
The school is divided into age appropriate blocks. One Block is networked to provide compute connectivity with spacious
Classrooms, multimedia labs, staff room, Locker facility for each blocks, etc.

Teaching Methodology
Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of regular project work, rigorous practice and study techniques enable students to gain awareness & in–depth knowledge. They are prepared to appear for examinations and would also be trained to appear for competitive exams.

Labs & Library
An inbuilt block for labs & library with library spread over two floors , Physics lab, Chemistry lab, Biology lab, Language lab, Reding corner,Computer lab, Mathematics lab, Social Studies labs & Art studio.

Co-Curricular Activities
We actively encourage lateral thinking through a host of co-curricular activities for our students.
>> Music
>> Drama
>> Dance
>> Design
>> Sculpture
>> Wood work and many more.

Trips & Excursions
At The Dabhsar Primary School, excursions are taken in groups to places of cultural & historical importance or to a camping site with adventure activity.

Our Mission
At The Dabhsar Primary School we believe In harnessing the inborn potential of every child and empowering him with knowledge and if there is joy in learning & happiness in gaining knowledge; it will remain with the soul forever.

Board & Affiliation
The Dabhsar Primary School is affiliated to the Gujarat council of education & research training And Diet’s School Certificate examinations who is conducting exams and offers a comprehensive & balanced curriculum.

We are Dasbhsar colleagues and Meena Campaign

We are Dabhsar Colleagues ! ! ! ! !
As you know very well that Dabhsar primary school is belonged to Detroj Taluka and District Ahmadabad and we all work together here very buoyantly and happily. But here are different colors of my colleagues, so please look these people because they are my BACKBONE and SHILD. These are the people who help me and give full support in my every work……so…here…they…are….

(My HOD)

Mr.Kanjibhai Patel who always encourages me to do new things in Dabhsar.He is the man whom I call My Problem Solution-Man because he has vast experience of teaching line which helps me very much.

(First Assistance & My Astronomer)
Mr.Vishnubhai Patel who is ready to help me in astronomy way and give his point of view in my work. He also give his ideas for make my work glorify.

(Second Assistance & My Mentor)
Mr.Chhanaji Thakor. This is the man who explains me everything about our School, how to behave with people as teacher and how to treat students and also inform about various things of Education Department when I was new guy in this filed.

(Third Assistance & My Critic)
Mr.Kantibhai Patel who always criticize me & my work. With the help of his critics I can improve myself day by day.

(Forth Assistance…..Oh its Me !!!)
Mr.Hemant Vaghela. I am the man who learns from my own mistakes and go ahead with my tiny steps.

(Fifth Assistance & My Well wisher)
Miss Apexaben Patel who is very friendly and always try her best to make our school as Model school. She is very hard working, brilliant, sincere and always uses innovation in her classroom teaching. She also adopts new trick & technique in school.

(Sixth Assistance & My Advisor)
Mrs.Nimishben Patel who is very intelligent & care taker teacher. She always give me her advise in my each and every work. She always implements new pattern and things in her class and also in school.



In My Dabhsar School there is a program named “Meena” which was organized by SSAM and guided by UNICEF. This Program is very well handled by Apexaben Patel and our staff members also support her to bring out best advantage of Meena Campaign. We are doing this project by the guidance and initially support of our Ahmedabad District Gender officer Mrs. Alkaben Vyas, Our Genuine & Genius BRC Co. Mr.Rohitbhai Raval and Of course Our School HOD Mr.Kanjibhai Patel.

We have done lots of activity under this project such like…

  • Meena Picture competition
  • Meena Quiz
  • Meena Mehndi competition
  • Meena Poem collection
  • Meena Dandiya decoration
  • Meena Songs competition
  • Meena Drawing competition
  • Meena Plantation
  • Meena Bal melo
  • Meena Story collection
  • Meena Patch work
  • Meena Print work
  • Meena Rangoli competition and many more...

    Meena campaign is specially framed for student and their activity based learning and also for woman (Girl student) motivation so we all together especially work to MOTIVATE STUDENT FOR EDUCATION and for improvising themselves. And we also take care that each and every child of our school come regularly. We also empower the girl student in such a way that they have encouraged themselves and also be a confident enough to do various work of our school and society. Meena campaign also help us to make student SELF RELIABLE, READY-TO-WORK, RESPONSIBLE for their decision. I want to share one more thing with you that I want to thanks to the founder of Meena campaign because with the help of this campaign we can motivate, enlighten, empower and increase the girl education rate, improve our teaching and FULFILL A GIRL STUDENT’S NEEDS for education in such a interior village.
    We have a little bit tremendous picture to share with you...

Here is "Patch-work" done by students.....

Wow what a nice Clay work....!!!!

...Girls with their Picture in Meena compition, isan't that lovely pics....

This one is my Faviourite Picture which was very well decorate with 'tikki' & 'patch' by a girl named Umiyaba Zala study in 7th std.

Enthusiastic students shows their gala Picture ......

Taluka level Workshop Of Community Mobilization

Community Mobilization

Last week we have held community mobilization at detroj branch school this training camp was guided by ssam & ied cell gandhinagar and organized by brc detroj. We have initially support of Gender Officer Mrs.Alkaben & BRC Co.Rohitbhai Raval.

We have 70 schools in detroj taluka and 10 clusters. We have called one teacher, one principal, one bal mitra, one mid-day meal organizer from each cluster .so we have approximately 40 to 50 persons at training workshop.

Mr.Hemant Vaghela who is state level resource person and Navghanbhai jivapura, Dharmsibhai crc co. & Mr Dhaval Patel are working as expert in our community mobilization training workshop which was held for two days. During this two day we have been known from the various things & activity which was belonged to our community.

We have different points for conversation.

>> What is the meaning of community and what is the mobilization.

>> To know our roll & respected other’s roll.

>> Colobration of various communities for education in village or ward.

>> What is the roll and liability of VEC.

>> How can we activate our VEC or make it conscious.

>> Different activity like Sociogram, Know each other, Introductory activity in pair, "Mirror”

>> Roll play of VEC, Different case study of VEC and made its solution.

>> We have also discussed about various Grants of VEC and how it can be used in School.

>> In our workshop we have discussion on how we can manage our account and its detail or how we can make our Account of VEC.

>> In this training we have discussed about Social, School level, Official Roll of VEC in our community.

>> The main thing in this training was that our two days of workshop totally passed with joyful learning through Computer based learning and Activity.

This two days training completely based on activity. And our class was very well handled by Mr.Hemant Vaghela with PowerPoint presentation on LCD and Various activities in class.And that is so called new era training campaign which was held in our detroj taluka merely first in Ahmadabad district.